Our products - Cheese

Parrina produces a wide range of cheeses using three different kinds of milk: sheep's milk,goat's milk and cow's milk. We produce fresh cheeses, ripened cheeses along with yogurt, ricotta cheese and mozzarella. Our most ambitious product is Guttus, a blue cheese obtained by processing sheep's milk.

Among the fresh cheeses you can find fresh goat's milk cheese, natural or with additional flavourings, or our brie of Maremma called Rosa di Maremma, a fresh sheep's milk cheese with flowering skin.

Ripened cheeses are sheep's cheeses, goat's cheeses or both sheep's and goat's ripened cheese.

Sheep’s milk cheeses

Guttus erborinato di pecoraPecorino stagionatoRosa di Maremma

Pecorino alle vinaccePecorino di fossaPecorino fresco

Pecorino con rucolaPecorino con tartufoYogurt

Pecorino parrina dieciPecorino ubriaco

Goat’s milk cheeses

Caprino frescomattonellaCaprino pennicillium

Misto Capra Pecora

Cow’s milk cheeses


Martin PescatoreAlpha e OmegaBrava Mucca


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