Cantina Premi e riconoscimenti

Agriqualità Certification

The Agriqualità certification by the Tuscany region

It's a trademark issued by the Tuscany region to companies that produce and process food products, obtained from Integrated Farming, agriculture based on good farming practices and consumer health. The Integrated Agriculture is a production method that provides for the adoption of techniques compatible with environmental conservation and food security by minimizing the use of synthetic chemicals and control the entire production process.

The most notable features are: reduced use of synthetic chemicals (pesticides, fertilizers and herbicides), maintenance of soil fertility, crop rotation, green manure crop, prevention of erosion, rational use of water resources, maintenance and enhancement of biodiversity, ban on use of material from Organisms Genetically Modified. The positive aspects concerning food safety and quality of the final product are linked to certainty of the origin of production, reduction of residual agrochemicals, guarantee the freshness of the productions.