Piatti e abbinamenti

Dishes and Matchings

A good combination between food and wine should arouse harmonics taste sensations and enhance each other's characteristics.
We offer a selection of dishes that you will find at our restaurant made ​​with fresh ingredients from our own production and combined with red and white Parrina wines D.O.C.
Enjoy your meal!

Selection of organic cheese La Parrina and side salad
Marinated salmon sour dressing La Parrina
La Parrina “Pappa al pomodoro”
Penne pasta with Maremma style ragout
Tuna and potatoes skewer with yogurt sesame seed La Parrina sauce
Organic turkey with Ansonica Doc La Parrina
La Parrina’s tris parfait
La Parrina’s organic peaches mousse
Vinsanto Capalbio 2000 La Parrina and Guttus (blue organic goat cheese)