Agriturismo parrina


Tenuta la Parrina is one of the oldest historic farm that lies between the low hills of the Tuscan Maremma in a spectacular landscape with olive trees, wine yards and fields of golden grain. It’s framed in a land of rare beauty: Mount Argentario and the two narrow sand bars called Giannella and Feniglia that cordon off the magnificent Orbetello lagoon. From the Earth to the lagoons, a look at the sea and then back to the ground. The company is spread on an area of ​​about 200 hectares of which about 60 are destined to vineyards, 40 to fruit production, 20 to the horticultural, 22 to the olive plants, and the remaining are divided between arable land and growing nurseries.
Walking through the long avenue of Eucalyptus lies the heart of the company, a small square protected by majestic Plane trees and surrounded by the buildings that now house the Agriturismo rooms, the Restaurant, the company offices and the tiny nineteenth-century church. Within the company there are several Tuscan farmhouses for long and short rentals, the modern winery, the dairy, the nursery and the wildlife reserve. A complex and evocative company with an elegant restraint.
Originally a wedding gift of the Florentine banker Michele Giuntini, the Parrina has belonged to the same family since 1830 and it’s today managed by Dr. Franca Spinola, who dedicates herself since 1979 with great passion to the promotion of respect for biodiversity, the protection and enhancement of this territory.

Today it is the only survivor among the farms of the Maremma, who began the process of agrarian transformation at the beginning of the last century, bridging the gap that separated this area from other areas of Tuscany. The Giuntini were among the first owners willing to strong investment and were the pioneers for the development and management of the company.
After more than 50 years from Bettini’s brothers and Vincenzo Ricasoli pioneering attempt (1855) to use the “Barbanella” and “Gorarella” machines, the Giuntini business management based on sharecropping and farms construction was followed by all Maremma’s company.
Several elements combined to develop the agrarian economy: between the 1900 and 1907 the Ministry of Agriculture budget stepped from 13 to 27 million of “lira”, spread the use of machinery and herbicidal products, improved health conditions (diffusion of quinine) and lowered mortality from malaria.
Mr. Giovanni Benucci was the Florentine technician who achieved the agricultural transformation and headed the company since 1905. When the modernization started, the experiment of sharecropping was limited to an area of ​​60 ha and the rest of the land (around 1740 ha) was cultivated with wheat and oats with the traditional alternation of rest and pasture with wild cattle.
The transformation of the estate began in 1905 and in 1912 were derived eighteen farms in sharecropping. The program involved the reclamation of 700 hectares of fallow land and the hydraulic reclamation in 1925: in a short time the company was endowed with a network of 153 km of ditches and collectors together with 151 km of internal roads. In 1926 the estate reached a population of 460 people and in the same year was opened a dairy that sent the milk to Orbetello, while the land not yet transformed into colonies were intended for growing corn.
After one hundred and fifty years Tenuta la Parrina is the only survivor among those who started the movement of agrarian transformation in Maremma, making us full of pride.

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