Caseificio premi e riconocimenti

Organic Certification

Organic production is a production system that relies on a number of objectives and principles, as well as common practices, designed to minimize the human impact on the environment, while ensuring the agricultural system operates as naturally as possible.

The cheese products of Parrina’s Dairy are made only with milk from animals reared and fed in accordance with national and Community rules required by organic certification. The animals are reared respecting the natural rhythms and fed with foods derived exclusively from organic farms. The company produces cheese from sheep's milk, goat and cattle applying the product Organic Guarantee Bioagricert.

Milk transformation into cheese takes place directly in our licensed premises (cheese factory within the company), then the products are sold in the Company store or to selected customers over much of the Italian territory. The company's goal is to serve the consumer a product totally linked to the territory, of superior quality, healthy and traceable.