Passata e Polpa di Pomodoro

Organic Pasta

Pasta Biologica

wheat, kamut, spelt, corn


500 gr

Spaghetti, tagliatelle, trenette, bucatini, penne, fusilli, siamesi, rigatoni

All year long

Processing characteristics

Once collected the semolina, we send it to Abruzzo where a pasta manufacturing company transforms the grain in pasta. The process is completely handmade: they use bronze form and the pasta is slow-dried at low temperatures to give to the product a superior organoleptic characteristics. This type of processing and the raw material of excellent quality allow us to get the right roughness for holding the sauce, the genuineness and the characteristic taste to be cooked “al dente”.
The wheat used for the preparation of these products comes exclusively from company crops, and Tuscany is a famous region for this type of cultivation. Once matured is collected and milled in a roller mill to obtain a semolina particularly suitable for making pasta.


It is a valuable ally in the entire Mediterranean: does not require long cooking times and it is ideal as a main dish accompanied by a glass of wine.

Optimal conservation

It should be stored at room temperature in a dry place. Once opened, store it carefully.

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