Pecorino alle Vinacce

Pecorino alle Vinacce

100% Sheep milk
Medium pecorino
Minimum 7 months
1,8 kg
21 x 9 cm - round shape, natural guinea cloth and packed in elegant wooden box
From April to June

Processing characteristics

It is a hard cheese made with milk of late lactation (rich and flavorful) and sprinkled with Sangiovese and Merlot grapes during the harvest period. The grapes are carefully selected to be used by a technician of the cellar and one of the dairy. After being pasteurized, are inserted in the milk ferments and rennet: the curd is broken to the size of 1 cm. After is given form and a light stewing, it is is put in jail for 3 months. Finally is covered from the pomace, wrapped in a guinea cloth and aged for further 3 months.

Visual inspection:

The surface is completely covered with grape pomace, a dry crust, resulting in a purplish color. The dough is compact; the color can range from ivory white to pale yellow.


The smell is intense, and gives lactic sensations (butter, cream), accompanied by a hint of wine (fruity).


The compact dough melts in mouth, is sweet and oily, with a hint of wine that blends in from the crust of the cheese.


It is the ideal product for great occasions, and is on the market only at the end of November. It is also called "The Panettone Parrina", reflecting the soul of the company: a high-quality pecorino aged in marc of fine wine, carefully selected.

Optimal conservation

The cheese should be kept in ventilated refrigerator at 4°C. Once engraved the shape, the interior must remain in contact with a transparent plastic film to be changed every 5 days. The cheese can not be frozen or maintained at temperatures above 10°C.

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