Pecorino Stagionato

Pecorino Stagionato

100% Sheep milk
Aged pecorino
4-6-8 months depending on the size
1,5 kg - 6 kg - 16 kg
18 x 9 cm – 29 x 12 cm – 36 x 12 cm round shape
All year long

Processing characteristics

It is a hard cheese, made from seasonal spring and autumn sheep milk. The processing is result of long and complex craftsmanship, a simple cheese for and intense taste. After being pasteurized, are inserted in the milk ferments and rennet: the curd is broken to the size of a rice grain. Following the serum is separated and is given the form to cheese. After the stewing the form is ripened for minimum 4 months.

Visual inspection:

Red veins and dark spots may cover the surface. The skin is dark yellow. As a preservative, we use organic tomato sauce and organic olive oil. The dough is compact and it had yellow color. When cut the cheese is firm and slightly crumbly, with a thin rind of slightly darker color of the dough.


The smell is intense and gives herbal and moldy sensations (grass and mushrooms).


The compact dough melts in mouth, is sweet and oily and has a persistent aftertaste. It may also have a slight spicy note depending on the size and period of aging: the larger and more complex the shape will be the aromatic component.


The cheese is great with wine Parrina Muraccio Rosso D.O.C and is great accompanied by Parrina honey and jams.

Optimal conservation

The cheese should be kept in ventilated refrigerator at 4°C. Once engraved the shape, the interior must remain in contact with a transparent plastic film to be changed every 5 days. The cheese can not be frozen or maintained at temperatures above 10°C.

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