Pecorino Ubriaco

Pecorino Ubriaco

MILK: 100% Sheep milk
Medium pecorino
Minimum 40 days
1,5 kg
18 x 9 cm, round shape
All year long

Processing characteristics

It is a medium-hard cheese made from seasonal sheep milk. After being pasteurized, are inserted in the milk ferments and rennet: the curd is broken to the size of a walnut. Following the serum is separated and is given the form to cheese, then the form is shaped with a slight stewing until reaching pH 5.2. Then it is cured for 15 days in the appropriate cells until the skin appears: after the cheese is soaked in wine Sangiovese for about 7 days. This process gives to the cheese its characteristic color and an exclusive taste. It is aged in a suitable place at a constant temperature.

Visual inspection:

Dark purple skin. As a preservative we uses Sangiovese wine. The dough is compact and the color is in a range between pale yellow and yellow.


The smell is intense and gives herbal and Sangiovese wine sensations.


The compact dough crumbles in mouth, is sweet and oily, with a hint of acidity. The dough is rich in wine notes.


Perfect for an aperitif or as an elegant complement to a salad; this cheese enhances its characteristics with a glass of Sangiovese D.O.C Parrina.

Optimal conservation

The cheese should be kept in ventilated refrigerator at 4°C. Once engraved the shape, the interior must remain in contact with a transparent plastic film to be changed every 5 days. The cheese can not be frozen or maintained at temperatures above 10°C.

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