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Every day, our shop is stocked with seasonal fruits and vegetables harvested in company fields, representative of those flavors that are found only in products "caught and eaten." Our dairy provides the cheese counter every day with fresh products. Our qualified staff can guide you in the purchase of each item, all certified organic and agriqualità: Parrina DOC wines and grappa, extra virgin olive oil, honey, jams and marmalades (for serving with cheese or to be enjoyed individually), pasta, flour, fruit juices, bread and cakes but also other typical products that we do not directly produce.
All of our products are in short supply chain and in this way Parrina is able to ensure total authenticity and the highest quality.

The store is located in the premises of the original 1800s that were once part of the winery, used by the locals during the sharecropping time as meeting point. Since 1970 it has become a real little shop of fruits, vegetables and wine in bulk and has began to transform itself to be what it is today, one of the best cards that the company can boast.

Phone: (+39) 0564 862244 | (+39) 366 4905146 | Contact center (+39) 0564 862626 type 3

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Aceto di Vino Bianco [under construction]

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