Wildlife Hunting Area

The wildlife hunting area covers about 585 acres in a landscape dominated by hills with a maximum altitude of 354 meters above sea level: it’s constituted by a part of fields and a forest area able to ensure a secure oasis to the local fauna and migratory birds.
The most common animal is the hare: lives in a relatively stable habitat that allows nourishment and shelter throughout the year. The other species represented are the wild cat, the marten, the weasel, the hedgehog, the porcupine, the badger, the squirrel, the turtle, the wild boar, the fallow deer, the roe deer and the fox.

Among the species of resident and migratory avifauna are the pheasant, the quail, the lapwing, the jay, the green woodpecker, the jackdaw, the cuckoo, the bee-eater, the magpie, the hooded crow and many passerines such as goldfinches, chaffinches, robins and blackbirds. The most frequent prey are the hen, the honey buzzard, the kite, the harrier, the buzzard, the kestrel and the hobby; between nocturnal prey birds are the owl, the horned owl, the barn owl and tawny owl.
The total forest area is about 200 hectares divided between a mainly holm oak, oak and Turkey oak, while in an area of 115 acres you can see a slow re-growth of typical Mediterranean vegetation formed by the thicket of evergreen shrubs. The shrubs are the strawberry tree, hawthorn, thorn, mastic, broom, phillyrea, heather, brier, the myrtle, broom and cistus.
In larger ponds appear species such as the mallard, the teal, the moorhen, the egret, the gray heron.
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