Where To Stay Relaxed

The Apartments

Privacy and great style


Luxus, a noble welcome

If you want to focus on some “me time” and soak up the medley of the Maremma’s colours and sounds, there’s no better place than a high-class apartment in the heart of the La Parrina farmstead, with antique décor but all the benefits of the modern world, the perfect place to come back to for anyone on a journey of self-discovery.

Prestige, comfort and beauty

The perfect place for you and your family to experience the Maremma with all the convenient services an old country residence should have, and the freedom to spend your time with your nearest and dearest just as you wish.

Relax, the gold standard in relaxation in the Maremma

A haven of peace and quiet in the lush Tuscan countryside, with all the comforts you need to enjoy a personal experience, at just the right pace for anyone who wants to feel at one with the surrounding nature.