Firing up

The Restaurant

The place to eat Maremman in the Maremma

Welcome to our Cousine

You’ll feel like you’ve stepped into the world of the “Master of La Parrina”. But the next best thing is the Antica Fattoria’s traditional Maremman Restaurant. It’s as if you’ve been invited to dinner as one of a very select number of invitees. The rooms are undoubtedly the most hospitable of them all and the place where the masters of the house have decided to display the most sumptuous décor to create the most welcoming ambiance, for a maximum of 50 extra-special guests. For a fresher and sunnier dining experience you can enjoy our Maremman cusine sitting at the tables on the veranda that looks out over the large garden in front of the restaurant and the manor house: reach out your hand and you can almost touch the vineyards, the maritime pines and the olive trees that surround La Parrina.  

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